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What is Project "DisLike"?

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     Project "DisLike" is an independent Facebook research exercise started by me, a college student looking at a career in number crunching. Project "DisLike" is not a promotion of hatred of any of the people or places listed in this site. Every story has two sides and until now, nobody had a way of knowing the ratio of "DisLike's" of a particular person, sports team, state, city, sex, or age range to the number of "Like's".

     Project "DisLike" will be ongoing for a number of years and over the course of that time, new "DisLike" criteria will be added regularly. Ultimately, visitors should expect to see thousands of different pages each with its own set of dynamics. Note: I do not intend to be entirely politically correct with my criteria, either.

(Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Facebook.)

Who Can Participate in Project "DisLike"?

     There is only one rule for you to participate in Project "DisLike": You have to be a registered Facebook user. This includes users from all over the world who have had an experience with any of the criteria set forth in this site. For example, if you've visited any of the US states listed on our 'States' page even though you live in Europe, let us know if you disliked it. There is and will be criteria that will allow all Facebook users the ability to contribute at any given time.

Can you create your own DisLike's?

     Absolutely. Just go to the Create Your Own DisLike page and simply fill out the form.

The Purpose of This Study

     Facebook has no criteria for "Disliking" anything. Sure, a user can declare how much he despises a terrible situation and allow other users to "Like" his declaration. But Facebook does not allow for a "Dislike" of anything and although other individuals have pursued a DisLike button, they don't really let people see both sides. Out of curiosity and my love of crunching numbers, I want to see just what is disliked and how that compares with its existing number of "Like's". I've always enjoyed crunching numbers so I am pursuing a career in data analysis and this exercise will go a long way with enhancing my resume. What better source than Facebook can someone turn to in seeking data to analyze? With more than 500 million users to tap into, Facebook should return ample data. At least I hope so.

     Although Project "DisLike" can technically be classified as a biased survey because some Facebook users may click the "Like" button to DisLike something more than once on some pages, the data will still yield a solid display of the mood of users like you. In a perfect world, this site would attract every single Facebook user in the world and the data would not be corrupted in any way. But given the situation (nothing's perfect), I should still be able to calculate a semi-accurate margin of error.

How Does Project "DisLike" Work?

     It's easy. All you have to do is view the criteria and click the "Like" button to DisLike the appropriate choice or choices. Let's start with a simple example from my Politics page:

How Many People DisLike This Political Person?

DisLike Barack Obama

DisLike George W. Bush

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